Chat with Leaders of Technology and Innovation in Market Research #CASRO #MRX

Live blogging from the #CASRO tech conference in Chicago. Any errors or bad jokes are my own.

Fireside Chat with Leaders of Technology & Innovation in Market Research

Moderated by Kristin Luck, Decipher

Pat Graham

Niels Schillewaert

Ben Smithee

Mary Sobiechowski

Kristin Luck
  • [comments below come from individual speakers but I’ve not specified who said what]
  • possible to be innovative in emerging countries but not necessarily in first world countries
  • it’s easier for larger companies to roll out innovation
  • does size matter? does being smaller help?
  • innovation is a moving target. everyone thinks their company is innovative.
  • everyone is probably doing innovative things, everyone is doing things to push a client’s business forward, it doesn’t have to be a new product, it can be a new thought
  • Embedded image permalinkwe don’t push ourselves far enough, we’re more test and see than simply push the boundaries
  • you won’t be fired for hiring a big company but you could be for hiring a small company
  • smaller agencies don’t have to justify themselves to anyone, anything, or speed. they can just do it without legacy
  • there’s no danger in not doing something new, more likely to get fired for trying something new that doesn’t work
  • do we need to be more accepting of trying new things and failing
  • most clients don’t really want to try something new, they need to be pushed into a non question/answer format
  • we should be led by “What will consumers trust us to do? will consumers think we are innovative and doing something cool?  Our clients are really consumers, regular people
  • we need for people to WANT to participate in research
  • why isn’t research a positive touch point for the consumer
  • research should be serious, challenging, and playful
  • Guy at Lowes replaced his tracker with google surveys and saved 80% of his budget for experimentation. he risked and won.
  • success is going from failure to failure without giving up – Churchhill
  • next generation of researchers is agile and ready to risk and fail – unlike YOU
  • View from Ben on the stage

    if you are not being extremely experimental right now, you’re in big trouble; if your school is building a library, you are in big trouble

  • must use tech to help the clients we claim to love
  • let people SHOW you what they do and need in a multimedia way, you will get a different answer from your ask and answer method
  • instagram is free qual research – images of your brand, what’s around your brand, where and when your brand is used
  • full service should innovate methods and collaborate with tech companies, they don’t need to build in house because they won’t do both well
  • MR is about understand people, behaviour, relationships; technology is a feature not a benefit
  • MR creates relationships and helps brands do something with that
  • research is becoming a smaller part of the P&M, this is our own fault, we are our own worst enemy, research should be at the center of the organization, it should be the backbone of what does and doesn’t get done, we need to give clients the data they need so that we are absolutely essential
  • if a big company implements a new technology and it is old in two years, it’s too prohibitive for them to turn back and try something new again
  • Me taking pics of the fireside chat

    data should not be 100% or you lose your credibility

  • do positive disruption – ask client four questions and see if they really did know the answers to them. need to show clients what they don’t know
  • [is it really disruptive technology? or rather, why aren’t you keeping up with the times?]
  • give young people the space to develop, it’s not necessarily age but surround yourself with Gen Y, give them the space to learn and build things, so that you can learn from them – reverse mentoring
  • hire based on culture – can you have fun with them, is there innate passionate curiosity
  • GFK or Kantar won’t put a small company out of business, it will be another small company that takes their space
  • many people are still happy to keep doing what they’ve always been doing, it’s easier, predictable. you can’t just get rid of anyone over thirty. you need to educate them and show them the world is a different place. the world is more than excel and powerpoint.
  •  advice to move business ahead:
  • don’t think about mobile as a channel or physical object, it is a physical location, it’s about the person and getting not just the person but the interaction, know how to use devices called mobile, know how to use the sensors on the devices to be closer to the brand experience
  • bring more consumer context, richness into surveys, make surveys linear and nonmodular, let the crowd interpret things, upload pictures, make survey asynchronous; we use numbers and text but where are all the visuals, use them to stimulate people to think differently, make people think differently by using pictures – both for presenting results and in the research process
  • do something that your gut and your heart tells you is right but your mind is completely scared of
  • make people happy at their jobs, super-engaged by giving them new things to do, educate everyone, let them learn new apps, collaborate, share information
  • we need to automate the data manipulation and spend our time on the data insights and then here’s what to DO with the insights – big companies should be better at this than anyone

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