The Web Within Us: When Minds and Machines Become One Ray Kurzweil, Google #FOCI14 #MRX

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The Web Within Us: When Minds and Machines Become One
Ray Kurzweil, Author, Inventor, Futurist, Director of Engineering, GOOGLE

  • data is amazingly predictable
  • brains are designed to make linear predictions, originally for personal safety and survival
  • step 30 of linear progression is prediction, step 30 of exponential progression is a billion and far more than a prediction
  • we can change any outdated software in our bodies – genes – insulin receptor genes need to change because we know the next hunting season at the supermarket will be good; we can now fix damaged hearts, we’ve modified stem cells
  • Moore’s Law – over the history of computing hardware, the number of transistors on integrated circuits doubles approximately every two years, progression is very predictable
  • will i double my consumption? yes, we more than double it each year. increases 18% per year in constant currency, reason is innovation and invention
  • Law of Accelerating Returns – An analysis of the history of technology shows that technological change is exponential, contrary to the common-sense intuitive linear view
  • 3D printing is in the hype phase right now, won’t make it big until 2020 because resolution isn’t good enough yet, will be able to print out clothing by 2020, pennies per pound, there goes the fashion industry… no?
  • we used to have to send books, movies, and music by fedex but now we can do it in an email, much of it is free but people still spend money on these things, revenues in these industries is going up fueled by ease of transportation
  • body doesn’t yet recognize cancer but maybe we’ll be able to download an app that can do that for us
  • neocortex used to be the size of a postage stamp but it was capable of a new kind of thinking, it allowed invention and innovation – invent a new path of escape, inventions within a person’s lifetime not within generations of lifetimes
  • neocrotex is still a flat structure but now it’s the size of a table napkin, the curves and ridges allow it to expand the surface area and now it’s 80% of the brain
  • IMG_1079[1]amygdala no longer decides what to be afraid of, the neocortex does
  • by adult, many of the connections that were there but never used have died out
  • when a person is blind, does the visual cortext die off? no, it moves on to help out with language
  • WATSON was a test of human intelligence on Jeopardy, those queries involve humor, jokes which we think only humans can do; got it’s knowledge from reading wikipedia and many other websites, not from the engineers; it makes up for weak understanding of what it’s read with the volume of pages read
  • eventually we will communicate directly with others using nanobots that communicate with neurons
  • we will become a hybrid of biological and nonbiological thinking
  • Have you backed up your laptop lately? what about your ‘mindfile’
  • Enjoy this video of income and life expectancy over time
  • [I’ve done a poor job of transcribing his thoughts. Buy his book. 🙂 ]



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