Data Philanthropy: Unlocking The Power Of Adjacency Across Sectors by Kyle Nel #FOCI14 #MRX

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Data Philanthropy: Unlocking The Power Of Adjacency Across Sectors
Kyle Nel, LOWE’S

  • uncommon partners create uncommon results
  • as a marketing researcher, he only cares about changing behaviour, insights are only helpful if they lead to behaviour change, everything else is just nice to know, lots of insights don’t lead to any behaviour change “I’m having a hard time getting a seat at the table” – well, not if you change behaviour
  • there were lots of really smart people at blockbuster and kodak building and improving their products, but they weren’t doing it fast enough, it was linear change not exponential change
  • knowing where we are going is more important than the steps to get there
  • what can you do?
  • take merchants to their section in a store – take new brand managers to talk to customers in their aisle, people will tell you all kinds of reasons from value to memories to dunno. the brand managers think this is insight gold. but when you go outside where people are holding their bags. Offered to give people $20 to name half the things in their bag. Only a quarter of people could remember and they never mentioned the brand names.
  • most marketing research is really abstract. we ask people and believe they know why they do the things they do. it’s bizarre. things have changed. there are other ways to do this. insights are a stepping stone to understanding behaviour. does it matter WHY if you know that action A creates action B [Love it]
  • time is our biggest enemy, not really money


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