The Role of Social Across the Consumer Decision Journey by Ramona Harvey #FOCI14 #MRX

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The Role of Social Across the Consumer Decision Journey 
Ramona Harvey, EBAY

  • talked to millennials in their homes, how do they communicate with their friends, do they talk about which things to purchase or which things they did purchase
  • online interviews with more than 2000 people to figure out the consumer driven journey CDJ
  • 66% of purchases were the result of a brand posting or a friend posting online
  • heavy social shoppers are on ALL social sites, particularly twitter and tumblr
  • heavy social shoppers are currently unfulfilled by social
  • electronics purchases are most socially engaged along the consumer driven journey
  • five key activities help identify heavy social shoppers – age or purchase type are not the best predictors
  • people remain hungry for information even though we think we’re providing a lot, people want things to be easier to find, need an easier way to see what MY friends are talking about, they don’t want to share their actions with everyone, make it easy for me to find sales
  • a lot of people use twitter in the moment – i’m going to this story now, i’m at this story now
  • 7 of 10 people are inspired to purchase by something they see in their social network
  • youtube is an important driver for millennials, they use it in the way that most people use google, for searching, to learn how something works
  • they trust reviews, but they don’t necessarily trust their friends views, particularly if they think their friends don’t have expertise, it really is about word of mouth
  • a share button next to a purchase doesn’t really happen because people don’t want to inundate their high school friends and other people who don’t really care
  • sharing with a network is indeed higher in the electronics category
  • social activities within the CDJ are more important for passion purchases than non-passion purchases
  • electronics purchases are highly socially engaged during the CDJ process, likely due to the nature of the products that require research

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