Progress in Adoption of Innovations for Consumer Intelligence by William MacElroy #FOCI14 #MRX

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Progress in Adoption of Innovations for Consumer Intelligence

  • Asked individuals to indicate how innovative their organization is (not themselves)
  • market research innovation is very highly associated with technology, some techniques
  • only 6% of client side companies in market research are innovators, 35% are visionaries who appreciate and promote
  • innovation is desired for time management – methodological
  • stakeholder acceptance determines whether innovation happens [SOOO frustrating. One negative person holds everyone back.]
  • does your innovation have an innovative mindset – always know about the next best thing, accepting of new ideas, likes what adopting innovation says about you
  • people are frightened that chance will cause a change in their organization structure, how will the organization accommodate these things, no one knows where the innovation sites [in social listening, does it sit with marketing? with PR? with research?]
  • everyone has a similar view of what innovation is what they differ on whether they are accepting of it
  • risk averse people feel innovation gets suppressed, feel it is expensive, too much effort. what they are doing is good enough. they are fearful.
  • where do people learn about innovation? from their colleagues
  • very little innovation research is being driven by vendors, it’s being driven by colleagues
  • most innovators are smaller, younger companies because institutional bureaucracy sets in otherwise. there is a lot for a large company to risk if they try something new
  • forget the word innovation – talk about unique, different research experience
  • [interesting details on the slides, worth getting a copy]

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