Award-Winning, Top-Tier Research on a Budget! by Marc Harwitz and Kimberly Cason #FOCI14 #MRX

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Award-Winning, Top-Tier Research on a Budget!
Marc Harwitz and Kimberly Cason, AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY, INC.

  • budget does not mean cheap research, it means maximizing dollars
  • ACS is 100 years in their industry – 2 out of 3 people survey cancer now
  • is the most often accessed website for cancer information
  • fitbit is a sponsor of the ACS  [neato!]
  • CVS no longer sells cigarettes [AWESOME!!!]
  • market research team works on identifying donors and awareness, tracking campaigns, which celebrities will create buzz
  • Relay for life is their largest donation program [I just donated to the run. your turn!]
  • There are over 5000 relays in the US, and more than 4 million participants.
  • a camel is a horse designed by a committee – don’t design a camel!
  • no room for errors as there are watchdog companies reporting on everything they spend
  • have consistent reliable partners so a project can be handed over as if it was being done internally, saves a lot of learning time and expectation setting
  • have you already collected the data before? can you re-use existing data and avoid collecting new data
  • official logo of the American Cancer Society R...

    official logo of the American Cancer Society Relay For Life (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    get all the teams together once per year and try to marry a lot of data points together, find new stories, find new aha moments. [mmmm it’s like mixing chocolate and peanut butter. and where can i get that?]

  • can literally tie financials to data [every vendor’s dream!]
  • research should be at every table as strategies are scoped out – PR, marketing, planning
  • “11 million cancer survivors are celebrating birthdays” – this message wasn’t understood by the general public. Changed message to focus on what ACS DOES and it improved tremendously.
  • they have brand tracker metrics and customer experience scores

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