What I hate about you #AAPOR

I already listed out a number of things I like about the #AAPOR conference so to balance the scales, here is the corresponding list of dislikes.
– it lasts an entire day from 8am to 6pm or longer. Yup. That was on the other list.
– as wonderful as the research topics are, there aren’t a lot of really great speakers. We really need to up our game here. And we need to prepare better, more readable, and nice to look at slides that aren’t essays.
– in a world that is so much more, there is a massive focus on surveys. Don’t get me wrong I love surveys. But where is all the new and innovative technology that collects so much more and different public opinion data than surveys do? It’s out there. Are we not paying attention? Are they not interested in #AAPOR? Are we being elitist?
And the most important problems…
– four hour dinners suck
– hour long breaks suck
– breaks with only coffee/tea suck
– breaks without cake suck

Off to find some chocolate 🙂

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3 responses

  1. thesurveygeek

    Yeah, the content at AAPOR is typically top notch, the amenities not so much. But your like list should include cheap date compared to say, the armed robbery disguised as TMRE.

    1. Totally forgot that! Yes, #AAPOR is possibly the most accessible conference when it comes to price. Stunning value. I can easily bypass the crappy break food knowing that the registration fee is so low.

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