Gender bias among #AAPOR presenters

20140517-183626.jpgMost market research conferences suffer from the same problem – old white guy syndrome. It’s hard to say whether women are less likely to be accepted as presenters or less likely to offer to be presenters. Either way, men are often much more likely to be presenters.

With such a large program, I just had to check whether #AAPOR suffered from this problem as well. My methodology is not perfect. I am unfamiliar with gender associations of non-Canadian names and so ignored all names that I didn’t recognize. I also ignored all names that could be male or female like Chris.

20140517-183635.jpgI ended up with 320 names that I was 99% confident with.
148 were women and 172 were men.
That’s 46.2% and 53.8%.

And you know what? That’s pretty damn awesome! Whatever you’re doing #AAPOR, keep it up!

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