The Lysol Bathroom Workout by Terri Bressi and David Najgoldberg #GreatTalk #Qual360 #QRCA

Live blogging from the Qual360 conference in Toronto, Canada. Any errors or bad jokes are my own.qual360

Qual isn’t dead – it’s just been in the wrong place at the wrong time 
Terri Bressi, VP & Head of Qualitative, Research&Incite
David Najgoldberg, Marketing Director, Reckitt Benckiser Canada
  • Qual has been confined to a sterile “bored” room, Clients are left in the dark in a dark room, it’s aquarium style viewing, passive viewing, qual doesn’t get any respect from quant, when it comes down to money quant always wins because numbers matter, it’s stuck in the past
  • But, we expect real insights from qual, a magician will create insights from our people
  • Consumer choice has three components – rational emotion and habitual
  • Qual is great at the rational part, consumers might overrationalize in a group
  • But 90% of decisions are emotional and habitual and we can only measure the tip of the iceberg here
  • We need a new qual experience
  • Case study of Lysol bathroom products – a bathroom cleaning product had much lower penetration than their toilet product, didn’t know how to change things outside of lavatory care, consumers really separated the two kinds of products
  • Wanted in home ethnography to watch what was happening in the home, shopping component, product trials
  • Had people buy any Lysol product they wanted to try as part of their regular shopping trip, learned people couldn’t find the product in the store, people bought colours because they thought that was the colour of the brand
  • Had people record them cleaning their bathroom for as long as it took them, no researcher intrusion, felt the tapes were the best way to do it because people forgot the cameras were there
  • In a qual session, had people fill in the blanks
  • Learned bathroom has many contradictions
  • People say they hate cleaning the toilet but observations showed it was easy to do, the toilet cleaning is habitual but it is very emotional and symbolic of other people’s germs, ‘it’s not my mess, it’s other people’s mess’, the biggest problem was the floor around the toilet but not anywhere else in the room
  • People put a lot of time into cleaning shower walls but it never comes up in discussions, many awkward and dangerous positions, but the dirt here isn’t emotionally charged, it’s dirt from soap and water not bodily fluid so there is no germs, vertical surfaces aren’t touching you, dirt doesn’t accumulate so it is not a germy area
  • People say they are germaphobes but their actions are cross contamination, people don’t like the smell of the products but they didn’t open a window or turn on a fan, and then at the end they smell that it is clean, they need the scent to know that it’s clean even if the smell is painful during the cleaning process, I know the product works because I just wipe it away but people were actually scrubbing really hard
  • The bathroom workout – people dress to prepare for a workout, many videos were too revealing, people often wear extremely minimal clothes to do it, i hate doing this job but I do it, just like going to the gym, don’t go fully clothes because they know they will sweat and need to move easily, some people have music in the background to motivate, some people take a shower right after because they want the first clean shower
  • The verdict – lysol known for disinfectant but not yet in bathroom cleaning, lysol is already seen as a bathroom specialist by consumers, but the brand category saw it as bathroom AND toilet, they already have a role in the bathroom so they just needed to tell consumers that they have bathroom products “From toilet to tub”
  • Traditional qual would only have uncovered habitual behaviours both good habits and bad habits, people may not discuss bad habits as much as good habits, it’s easy to rationalize emotions but then you don’t get at the truth, it’s barely rational but rather more about how people perceive themselves
  • Small sample sizes can lead to skepticism, toilet care business is huge so this is a big shift

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