Five steps towards consumer centric thinking – consumer collaboration and beyond by Tom deRuyck #Qual360 #QRCA

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Five steps towards consumer centric thinking – consumer collaboration and beyond 
Tom deRuyck, Head of Consumer Consulting Boards, Insites Consulting
  • you need to talk with consumers every single day and you can do that through consumer consulting boards, 150 people every day
  • you don’t have to do everything consumer’s ask
  • you must have a strategy
  • you cannot fake it, it needs to be transparent
  • it’s not enough to learn things quickly, it’s the speed of execution that counts
  • you need to make consumers an integral part of everything you do
  • how do you create consumer centric company?
  • you need a chief consumer officer, the person in the company who knows most about the customers of the company needs to be there when decisions are being made
  • Consumer collaboration initiative – don’t tackle everything at once, start small but think big, start with one brand or one team and add more later, need to be reactive and proactive, bring down the silos of
  • Create a wall of fame with all the community accomplishments like new products they’ve created, the advertising campaigns they improved
  • Activate internal stakeholders to take relevant actions – forget online, offline, report multiple times with old ways and new ways and even in person when that’s right, inspire them, share your presentations, tell the insights but let them feel the insights through an experience, turn insights into actions
  • Inspire and empower employees at all levels – executives, management, frontline, staff, activate the movers and shakers, motivate not the sales person but the consumer directly
  • Leverage results and culture externally – talk about this in your marketing and make it tangible, tell them the product was co-created, surf the wave of enthusiasm – have community members who helped co-create tell the story
  • Research the impact – measure culture performance and communication, you need a chief consumer officer – consumer coach, people engagers, ecosystem builder, action heros

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