Defining the future of market research – moving from reporting to consulting by John McGarr, Kathie Miller, Kristian Gravelle #Qual360 #QRCA

Live blogging from the Qual360 conference in Toronto, Canada. Any errors or bad jokes are my own.qual360

Defining the future of market research – moving from reporting to consulting
John McGarr, President, Fresh Squeezed Ideas
Kathie Miller, Director, Market Research and Decision Science, Takeda Pharmaceuticals
Kristian Gravelle, Director Consumer Insights Strategy, Grocery & Beverages, Kraft Foods
  • Cars often all look the same, can’t anyone do a focus group?
  • We need to move from reporting to consulting but how do we do this
  • We wear suits and ties because it is cultural, not because we want to
  • Every photograph is an artifact of people’s movements in life
  • Every decision your consumer makes is an act of culture – our culture says google and wikipedia but not everyone else’s does
  • Our brand models are often from the 1960’s – internet, mobile phone, single mothers are no longer shameful, gender identity is now fluid, anything can go viral, the american dream is dead, our world is not the same world now so how can we use the same model today
  • qual is important because there is no silver bullet method
  • there is no survey long enough to make a dent in infinity, there is no silver bullet method that answers all questions
  • tools include narrative, hypnosis, semiotics, social listening, and so much more
  • client side researcher’s role is to translate business needs to suppliers so they can better understand how to answer the business question, they are not the intermediary between the purchasing department and the external research department
  • every coffee brand manager uses the same coffee bean from a tree picked in the same way, roasted in the same way, ground in the same way
  • your presentation is not about the deck but the insights, marketers want to know the WOW WHAT AM I GOING TO DO and we need to think like that, they want to be number one in the market place
  • partnership is becoming an overused word [Totally agree]
  • it’s not about getting better pricing when we hit tiers of number of projects and sales – partnerships are two way relationship, people who want to take the ride with you
  • choose partners based on past experience and broader experience and experience with legislation in the category
  • partnerships are earned over time and will force your organization to shift and do things differently
  • future of mr is collaboration, synthesis, storytelling, activation, trust, commitment, passion – there is no methodology here
  • there is no monopoly in good ideas, they will work with different companies

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