Location Panels: Opting in to sharing your every movement Andrea Eatherly #Qual360 #QRCA

Live blogging from the Qual360 conference in Toronto, Canada. Any errors or bad jokes are my own.qual360

Location Panels: Opting in to sharing your every movement 
Andrea Eatherly, Head of Operations, Placed
  • privacy is a major issue, panel is triple opt-in – 1) download app, we will measure your location 2) second as downloading app 3) registering for panel
  • rewards are provided, lots of people are getting my data anyways so people might as well be rewarded for it
  • insights are all aggregated by demographics etc
  • in-store tracking is not opt-in, if your wi-fi is on, you are trackable
  • Opt-out approaches to location – little to no notification to consumer, no value exchange
  • Opt-in means they get demographics, they can send survey questions to create a loop
  • Understand store traffic, by demographics, in real-time, makes it possible to predict ups and downs in retail sales
  • Connect mobile to in-store activity – watch people search the internet at home and then see which stores they actually go into to shop for the product
  • can figure out whether people using certain apps are more likely to visit certain grocery stores
  • People who watched the biggest loser were more likely to visit fast food chains – an aspirational market
  • People who watched survivor are more likely to go to gyms, fitness stores – good for marketing purposes
  • Can see which shopping apps different retailer shoppers use – walmart vs target vs kohls vs JCPenney, those people all prefer different apps
  • What other stores are your starbacks shoppers going into, competitive stores?
  • Monitor whether ads people see on computer result in people going to the retail store
  • Information can be used to target ads to the right people – your consumers like these specific stores about these categories and these price points

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