Increasing employee equity through qualitative research by Endee Tate #Qual360 #MRX

Live blogging from the Qual360 conference in Toronto, Canada. Any errors or bad jokes are my own.qual360

Increasing Employee Equity through Qualitative Research
Endee Tate, SVP, Market Research VOA, Bank of America
  • Listen, educate, ask and influence
  • Want a safe and conducive environment for employees to share insight, expertise and recommendations
  • Looking for untraditional focus group settings, take employees outside the office, hotel rooms work but why not just go outside
  • Telepresence – skype – allows them to work with employees across the franchise, secured sites, how often do employees get to hear what employees across the country have to say, moderators can stay local but hear everywhere
  • Mystery shops let them understand differences between markets
  • Ideation sessions – employee empowerment outside the lines to facilitate innovative thinking
  • Want to encourage brash, new, uninterrupted thoughts without focusing on how we will do it, and use a mix of all types of employees not just a group of tellers, a group of senior leaders
  • Require pre-work or not allowed to come to ideation session, tells them you are ready to come in and think
  • People asked take off their shoes and have some colorful socks or flipflips, no barriers, get comfortable, let’s talk about what we can do differently. They get to keep the socks or flipflops.
  • No recommendation or improvement is discounted
  • They have rooms built just for ideation sessions – bean bags, massage chairs, velcro walls, crayons, magnetic board, NO pen or paper – allows high energy, high engagement.  Process creates believership.
  • People don’t want to sell products they don’t believe in. They might mention it but they won’t sell it.
  • Everyone gets a balloon at the end of the session that they release to say the sky is the limit  [I WANT MY BALLOON]
  • It is a full day and it doesn’t stop at the session. No phones or tablets.
  • After the session, people get to vote on the pieces they came up with.
  • Put meaning back into employee relationships – Employee round tables help senior leaders understand what is on the mind of employees. They are speaking to our customers so we need to understand. Employees also need to know that it will take time to move from suggestion to implementation.
  • Simulations – Normally only do this with the sales team. Observe without interruption.  They may tell you they use something all the time but they actually only use a tiny piece of it all the time. Employee gets a debriefing after 5 simulations and they get to hear the clients’ feedback.
  • They integrate the recordings into the training program so people can learn from their peers.
  • “when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change” – Wayne Dyer

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