Designing with packaging usability in mind by Claudia Del Lucchese #Qual360 #MRX

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Argh! My pack won’t open! Designing with packaging usability in mind 
Claudia Del Lucchese, Packaging Insights Manager, Mondelez International
  • Let’s understand how consumers are struggling with packaging and how we can make things more intuitive
  • Packaging connects with the consumer just as strongly as the product it holds
  • Think about opening those hard plastic cases where you must use scissors, or jars are too hard to open and then they spill all over

  • OXO packaging – very minimal and allows you to touch the product, top information is right at the top. And, you can just unhold the plastic covering, no need for scissors.Embedded image permalink
  • Do you really need to create a website to tell your consumers how to open your package? Windows Vista did.
  • You can’t just ask people how they open a package “I rip open the sugar package” – but they don’t, they shake it down first and then they rip off the top
  • Try giving them a product, tell them to pretend to use it, and then pack the rest away. Watch them but don’t help them. Now ask them to do it again but provide the instructions.
  • [Just handed out a pack of Trident layers to everyone]
  • Finely tuned design. Gum will never fall out when you open it. Pack can be torn in half and retained as a half full package.
  • What about a bag in a box? How to open the bag inside? Do they pull the bag up or out? That impacts whether they see any reclose features. Do they use the tab to open it? Scissors? Yank and tear? [It all seeeeeems so obvious but how many packages do you open that are EASY to open?]
  • Reclose features should be effortless and visible or don’t do it.
  • [By the way, the Trident gum is tasty 🙂 ]
  • The more intuitive is it, the less communication you need, and the cheaper it is
  • Method works all over the world, culture differs, but the process works

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