CASRO in San Antonio: The fun so far #MRX #CASRO

Day one was a great success! Rarely do conferences pack in so much data in so little time!

Of course, my favourite part of the entire day was the panel that brought in people who actually respond to surveys. They shared a lot of their thoughts around what devices they use, why they use them, and what they like and don’t like about surveys. I was lucky enough to be able to ask them a question which was this:

Researchers like to refer to you as participants, respondents, or consumers. What do YOU want us to call you. The answer was provided as if it was simple and obvious. Call us clients.

You know, I’ve NEVER thought about “survey responders” as clients but if you really think about, yes they are. We do our research in order to provide THEM (you, me, us, people) with better products and services. Which means they are our clients.

So there you have it. Clients.

A Model-Based Approach for Achieving a Representative Sample by George Terhanian #CASRO #MRX
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