The toughness of soft skills by Steven Tramposch, Heineken #CMACX #MRX

Live blogging from the MRIA/CMA #CMACX customer experience conference in Toronto. Any errors or bad jokes are my own.

The Toughness Of Soft Skills

Steven Tramposch, VP Consumer and Marketing Intelligence, Heineken USA

  • 3rd largest brewer in the world, #1 in Europe, operate in 71 countriesCMA
  • How do transform a bar/restaurant beer to a home/house company
  • Applied marketing to the market research function, needed to change the market research function
  • System 1 and System 2 – facts and feelings
  • It’s not enough to be right. There are feelings, history, relationships and more that we need to tap into.
  • Need to know “What’s in it for me”, the customer
  • rebranded as consumer market intelligence, global function
  • Sought one definition of market share, etc measurements globally – one version of the truth
  • Created a video to put the consumer at the center, celebrate the world of Heineken
  • Created a logo for their department
  • Created a tagline for their department – we know, we share, we inspire
  • Think of the research department as the co-pilot. Need to make sure we share the important messages with the right people. Constantly air the key points.

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