How to create a loyal following like Lady Gaga by Jackie Huba #CMACX #MRX

Live blogging from the MRIA/CMA #CMACX customer experience conference in Toronto. Any errors or bad jokes are my own.

How To Create A Loyal Following Like Lady Gaga

Jackie Huba, Author, Speaker, Consultant

  • Lady Gaga has only been around for 6 years but everyone knows her nameCMA
  • 24 million album, 15 grammy nods, 5 grammy wins, 41 million twitter followers
  • Gaga focuses on the one percent of fans who really care
  • Her fans are of all ages
  • If you are first in line for her concert, you get to meet Lady Gaga. People wait in line all week to be first.
  • 1% can be really crazy people. It doesn’t mean they’re nutballs or crazy, they could be your best most die-hard fans. The weirdness is centered around love.
  • Are there huge fans of Costco? Yes. Even though it’s just a discount warehouse. There are 1%ers everywhere.
  • 1%ers can be virtual salespeople. What if you didn’t KNOW you have lots of 1%ers
  • it is 5times cheaper to keep a customer than to get a new one. we spend so much time on getting customers.
  • Troy Carter – it’s more important to have one million diehard customers than 54 million facebook likes
  • Lead with values.
  • Lady Gaga was initially popular in the LGBT crowd and she never forgot them. “Born this way” album and song were for them. People told her the song gave them strength to not end their lives. Gaga created a Born This Way foundation to promote bravery, acceptance, love to this community.  She even let people hang out on the tour bus and there were counselors available if you needed them.
  • Companies that lead with better do better financially
  • “Method” brand of soap/cleanser. Brand started as a catalyst in a happy, healthy home revolution. Kicked off category of green cleaning and did well until the recession.
  • Build community – 1%ers love to connect with other people like them. It feels weird to be weird so it’s good to connect with others like you.
  • Gaga created a social network just for her fans. “Little Monsters” It translates 100 languages in real time. Gaga posts messages here just for her fans, her hair, her choreography, her weight. She interacts with them personally. NOT on facebook, NOT on twitter.
  • MINI does this well. There are fan clubs around the country organized by 1%ers, not the company.
  • “MINI takes the stakes” A ten day trek across new york. 300 minis might show up at events. 89 people drove the entire trek. This is what 1%ers do.
  • Generate something to talk about. People can talk about things but eventually they run out of topics. Gaga has a perfume.  This is a crowded field. She wanted something different – it looks black  in the bottle, but it’s clear inside. She created a ten minute movie about the perfume.
  • Was the fastest selling perfume after Chanel 5.
  • She pushed to do something completely different.
  • ALAMO drafthouse cinema always tries to stand out. provide an awesome experience for true movie fans – quote along, sing along shows. “We do not play ads. We do not allow small children. We do not allow unaccompanied minors. We do not allow late comers. If you keep talking or texting we will throw you out with no refund.”  [YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!] Remember their viral video?

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