How Mondelez captured the heart of Canadians during the Sochi Olympics #CMACX #MRX

Live blogging from the MRIA/CMA #CMACX customer experience conference in Toronto. Any errors or bad jokes are my own.

Harnessing The Power Of Emotion – How Mondelēz Canada Was Able To Capture The Heart And Minds Of Canadian During The Sochi Olympics


Aditi Burman, Senior Brand Manager Consumer Promotion and Scale, Mondelēz International

Simon Creet, Chief Creative Officer, The Hive

Chris Irwin, Journalist, Head Producer Sochi Winter Games, CBC

  • Our brands reflect little moments of job – cadbury, oreo
  • Goals 1) win at retail 2) bring joy to canadian consumers 3) create pride for employees
  • Didn’t have the same big budgets as other global sponsors.
  • Key to success was collaboration – launched for four olympics skus in four months – oreo, ritz, chips ahoy, maple leaf
  • It had to make sense coming from a snacking brand – snacks are not a sport, needed a really good idea
  • The space was crowded, needed unique positioning
  • Joy campaigns – joy that happens when you share an oreo, bicycle factory is the joy of giving bicycles to kids in ghana
  • Joy campaign for olympics turned into Pride and Joy – celebrate moments of joy and pride that happen at the olympics using two cartoon characters, put the character on the products,  created in-store displays, including “win along with canada” by downloading an app with the olympics schedule, pushed out notification near instantly and these included prizes, e.g,. when canada walked out into opening ceremonies, when we won a medal, when fans made their own medals, the selfie trend, #beardmode popularity
  • Much of the work happened real time, worked directly with CBC to make it happen
  • “Take me somewhere” and “Tell me a story.” These two things were the main goal of CBC
  • People want athletes, history, community, culture, results, science, connection, all of these for the best possible story
  • The entire process includes build awareness, interest, anticipation, hype, the moment, reactions, encore. They want to be in between the moment and reactions.
  • “We don’t want to put cups on tables and logos on walls.” Being late in the game was good and bad – insufficient time to do certain things but now they could see the gaps. Were they prepared for the fact that the word “Pride” could be seen differently than what they thought, was it a problem.  Discovered no one was in the space of light and humorous. It’s just cookies for crying out loud.
  • Needed it customizable, and changeable in the last 30 seconds. Promoted until noon, prime-time summaries in the evening. 18 days, 25 animations. Don’t make people think about pride and joy, just SAY pride and joy. Got 59 000 app downloads. 10 000 mentions, lots of great metrics.

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