Fueling Passion in the National Hockey League (NHL) #CMACX #MRX

Live blogging from the MRIA/CMA #CMACX customer experience conference in Toronto. Any errors or bad jokes are my own.

Fuelling Passion

Don Mayo, Managing Director, IMI International; Kyle McMann, Group VP, Integrated Sales, National Hockey League

  • Take an experience of dissatisfaction and create positive engagementCMA
  • The way we engage the most important people will be the deciding factor in whether you win or lose
  • Do it right – stop doing what doesn’t work, that gives you money to do more of what’s right
  • Goal is to get 80% of initiatives working, not just 50%
  • In sports, the purchase funnel is passion
  • Need to consider stats, history, traditions, game understanding, players, events, team rivalry – but not everyone knows all of these things.
  • Most people can understand team rivalry and events even if they don’t know the game
  • Goal is to grow fan value
  • 80% of viewership is predicated on whether their favorite team is playing
  • There was no League Halo for our clubs
  • Need to deepen fan engagement – use new platforms and create entryways for new fans – national event platforms. And this ought to start as soon as the season starts not 6 weeks into the season. Today, compared to 6 years ago, there are many more events.  Bring in big name musicians to show that it’s more than just hockey, it’s an activation point for corporate buyers.
  • Need to have big matchups in big venues to drive fan behaviour
  • Add more to it. Turn celebrations into TV shows and week long events. Avid fans really want to know and casual fans just want to see the hot guy.
  • Need to meet fan needs on ANY device. Build the platforms that fans want in the voice they want at the time they want.
  • Let the fans who will be on the cover of _______.
  • Need to break through tribalism. 50% drop out if their team isn’t playing.  All these activities delayed the loss of markets as teams were eliminated.
  • Twice as many avid fans as any other major sports property in Canada. Grown 7% in past 5 years. 73%of 13-65 of Canadians are fans of NHL.
  • 5% more fans pay close attention to promotions for the NHL now.
  • Television + digital + word of mouth are the 3 awareness sources
  • If you know it’s going to be -15 degrees at an outdoor game, sponsor a ‘warming’ tent and don’t even try to sell your product in it. Don’t need to move them indoors, fans are still happy if you treat them right.

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