Self Ethnography by Caroline Fletcher #NetGain8 #MRX

Live blogging from MRIA’s #NetGain8 conference in Toronto. Any errors or stupid jokes are my own.


Self Ethnography-From Push to PullCaroline Fletcher, Research Director, Sound Research, Toronto

  • why does research get boiled down into boring slides?
  • film creates an emotional engagement with research findings
  • a 5 to 7 minute can go cross department and cross pollinate, it sings, longer shelf life expectancy, highly efficient
  • maybe stop doing one pagers and do a film instead
  • people forget to fill out their diaries and fill in all the days at the last minute
  • how would you deal with “pretend we’re not here watching you behave”
  • provides genuine behaviour without other people watching them, not moments staged for moderator
  • respondents feel more relaxed on camera, and offer a little more creativity – homemade slideshows, filming commutes
  • people might not open the door to strangers but they will do this
  • people might bring you into their thanksgiving day as they carve the turkey or as they receive their letter of  being accepted as adoptive parents [damn, that’s making me cry]
  • film pain points like putting together ikea furniture, or hooking up the tv [imagine doing a survey “When you were attaching part A to part C, what difficulties did you experience? HA HA HA]
  • film allows cultural barriers to be broken, can hear personal private conversations that would never happen with someone outside the culture
  • good for documenting journeys where a film crew can’t go, great for pre and post tests, good for focus group conversation
  • video is not just to sugar coat a bitter pill
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