Do you agree? #SM

It’s been beaten through our heads.

Engage! Engage! Engage!

For most bloggers, this means our posts end with phrases like:
– and what do you think?
– I’d love to hear your thoughts!
– do you agree?

Ta dum! It’s an instant call to action and request for enagagement. It’s what we’ve been taught to do and therefore it’s right.

Know what? I’m really tired of it. I do understand that by the time a post is completed, most authors have become intimately involved with the topic and genuinely want to know what readers think. I fall into that camp.

But your readers aren’t on the same page as you. They may be interested or curious or bored or just clicking links for the sake of clicking links. Inserting that call to action falsely assumes your reader cares about your post. For the couple of people who care, they don’t need a call to action. For the rest, it’s a fake assumption of friendship. I already have friends.

So stop asking me what I think.

–Written on the go

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