It takes a village to raise a good workplace: More life lessons learned

Last week, I wrote about giraffes and Nickelback. This week, I get a little more serious about the life lessons I’ve learned.

  • Speak up for yourself. Tired of the colleague who drops by your desk everyday to gossip and stir up trouble? Tell them that you’re not interested in gossip. Tired of the employee who inserts at least one swear word in every sentence causing everyone around them to be uncomfortable? Tell them you don’t feel comfortable hearing so much profanity. Tired of the sushi joints your colleagues choose for lunch all the time? Suggest a different place and actually stand firm on going there. Disagree with your boss on which slide should come first? Voice your opinion and your reasoning out loud and don’t simply say you’ve changed your mind when you haven’t. It’s ok to say you disagree. It’s ok to talk about something that might make someone else uncomfortable.
  • Speak up for those who can’t speak for themselves. The workplace abounds with opportunities in this realm. I’m sure you’ve seen someone being bullied (i’m talking about many things besides being pushed around and called names) and just chuckled to yourself. Or, you’ve noticed that a young/new employee isn’t comfortable with something but doesn’t say anything about it. YOU can help. YOU can talk to HR and inform them about the bullying. YOU can suggest that someone should get a riser for their monitor because they’re tall. YOU can speak up about the excessive noise that is bothering someone else. When you have the power to make your workplace better for everyone, then do it. It may not be easy but oftentimes, it’s much easier for you to speak up than for other people to speak up.
  • Interfere in other’s people’s business. Have you seen a child unattended in a car? Call 911. Have you seen a child being smacked around by a parent? Get in their face. Have you seen a kid in the process of graffiti? Remind them there are other things they can do with their creativity. Sometimes, people just don’t realize what they’re doing and a little wake call does the trick.

Been there, done that. It really does take a village and you are part of that village.

Flip the pages and read the children’s book called “It takes a village” here.

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