Giraffe socks and Nickelback: Life lessons learned

If only wisdom came when you truly needed it. For me, I think it’s come in the last few years. Here are a few things in life I’ve learned.

  • The world will not end if your socks don’t match each other. Or your outfit. In fact, the world is more fun if you pick out your favourite purple owl sock for the right foot and your favourite orange giraffe sock for the left foot.
  • You like those funky pink horn-rimmed glasses? Get them. There are way too many plain brown frames going around so here’s your opportunity to make everyone’s day a little more cheerful.
  • Get your hair cut at a discount shop. It’s hair. It grows back. And in complete honesty, what looks ridiculously horrible to you looks exactly the same as a $7 cut or a $207 cut. Honestly.
  • Is your favourite outfit a pair of zebra pants that clash with the polka-dot top? If you like the combination, then it does NOT clash. Wear it, for crying out loud. Perhaps save it for a day when you don’t have a meeting with traditional professional people, but wear it. Wear it this Saturday and go out for dinner with your favourite person at your favourite restaurant.
  • Paint your shed purple, your porch pink, and your living room Kermit the frog green. Because you can, damn it.
  • Listen to Nickelback. And Backstreet Boys. And Boy George. Loudly. Tell people you listen to them. Be proud that you listen to them. Because joy and music matter more than judgement and belittlement.
  • Take up oil painting. Practice for hours every week. Make tens or hundreds of paintings that look like blobs of something that got hit by a truck. Sign each one proudly. Hang them around your home. Because it’s fun and it calms you and you should be proud of your hard work.
  • Buy the no-name yellow can of whatever.  Buy a whole case of it. In all the flavours. It’s cheaper and it tastes better.
  • Run under the sprinkler, roll down the grassy hill, sing out loud in public, act like you’re three years old. You know you want to.

All of this can be summarized under one simple point. You’re living this life to make you happy, not to impress other people.

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