Caught in the navel-gazing numbers weeb

Researchers love numbers. We love frequencies, orders, and ranks. And what makes frequencies, orders, and ranks even better? When it’s about research!

We often see on the interweeb blog posts and stories ranking market research companies on things like most innovative, most creative, most compelling and more. It’s cool to see because in many cases, we voted on those things ourselves, whether by an actual survey/poll or through retweets and shares. But it puzzles me why we get caught up in because, of all people, we should know just how inaccurate and misleading they are.

Wanna know why?

  • I’m gonna vote for myself. And my company. And so is everyone else at my company. All five thousand of us.
  • I’m gonna retweet and share and reblog myself. And my company. And so is everyone else at my company. All five thousand of us.
  • Which, if you’re following, means the bigger your company is, the better your chances of being voted to the top.
  • If you and/or your company has been around a long time, you have a lot of top of mind awareness. Even if you’re boring as heck. Which means when I’m half asleep and trying to think of someone, ANYONE, I’ll probably think of you. And if you’re remotely interesting, I’ll probably write your name down. Even though you don’t really deserve it.
  • If you have a busy marketing team that keeps your business in the news constantly, even if you aren’t doing anything particularly interesting, you’ll earn a pile of top of mind awareness points.
  • If you’re a nobody, or have deliberately kept your business small and local, the global research industry has no clue who you are. Top of mind? Yeah, right. Votes? No way.

The good thing is, though, that if your company is relatively small, and relatively local, and relatively new, and you STILL make the #1 spot, well, my genuine congratulations to you. You are doing something right and deserve to be there.

Good job

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