An Open Letter to Women in Research #MRX

Dear women in research,
Your research proposal is weak. Your write-up is uninspiring. Your topic has been done before and someone else did it way better than you. You have have almost no experience in the field. You’re too shy, nervous, and boring. You’re not a good speaker. No one knows who you are. You aren’t a senior member of your company. You’re only a tiny company. No one cares who you are. These are all terrible reasons not to submit proposals to all of the market research conferences in 2014. If you want someone to encourage you, ask any of the 260 people in this group who will say SUBMIT YOUR PROPOSAL NOW.

Your participation is important to us

[This was a spur of the moment comment I made on the WIRe Facebook page. Please share it with all of your colleagues, not just women, not just people from minority groups.]

4 responses

  1. Interesting blog. I wonder what percentage of us HAVE ever submitted a proposal to a conference?

    1. It’s submission time right now. Go. Submit! 🙂

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