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… Live blogging from the 2013 ESOMAR Congress in Istanbul Turkey. Any errors are my own, any comments or terrible jokes in [] are my own…


The Next Normal: An unprecedented look at Millennials worldwideCarlos Garcia, Viacom International Media Networks, USA, Christian Kurz, Viacom International Media Networks, USA, Jo McIlvenna, Jo McIlvenna, UK

  • Viacom researches everything – customers, partnerships, when to be global or local
  • looked at boomers vs genX vs millennials vs post-millennials
  • researched 32 countries and almost 20 000 respondents who were millennials
  • 3rd most important category of events is natural disasters – tsunami in japan, bangkok floodsP1100236
  • 2nd most important category is terrorism including 9/11, airport bombings,  summer camp shooting in oslo
  • technology lets me be who I am, it doesn’t define me
  • 1st most important is the economy – global economy, youth unemployment,
  • Biggest problem to solve 1) unemployment
  • Much less likely to believe they will earn more than their parents
  • 3/4 of millennials consider themselves to be very happy, very optimistic
  • Happiest are in latin america and Nigeria, at the bottom of the scale is japan
  • family is a major driver of happiness, followed by holidays, being successful, and relaxation
  • Being successful means being happy, loving family, job you enjoy, being rich
  • maintaining local traditional is becoming more important but it’s also great for people from other countries to live here
  • millennials say they are curious about the world, sharing and connecting, tolerant and able to adapt quickly to change
  • say having internet changes the way they think about the world
  • millennials are more we than me

Think Big and Connect to the Max: How PepsiCo (re)connected the Ruffles brand with Generation YAnnelies Verhaeghe, InSites Consulting, Belgium, Erkan Balkan, PepsiCo, Turkey, Joeri Van den Bergh, InSites Consulting, USA, Tom De Ruyck, InSites Consulting, Belgium

  • Turkey millennials want ethically manufactured products over luxury goodsP1100241
  • Gen Y finds istanbul more cool than new york, although most countries would say new york
  • mavi is a Turkish brand and is now a popular brand and many celebrities wear those jeans
  • Gen Y is most impressed by people who really understand them, as opposed to make them laugh
  • Gen Y turks say the most creative profession is a comedian even though most other countries say kitchen chef (as in master chef)
  • Gen Y would prefer to work in IT, not fashion – if you want to earn money, you need to be in IT
  • Gen Y really want to be successful – family and individual achievementsP1100244
  • Ruffles are the most popular chips in Turkey
  • They say the chips are harder, hotter, and tastier than other brands
  • Won the 2013 Gold Effie for sustainable success in Turkey
  • Had a problem that their core consumers transitioned into adulthood – married, baby, child
  • face to face research wasn’t chosen because this group of people are used to being on the phone and on the computer every second of the day
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