BIG Data Take Note #ESOcong #MRX

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Understanding a day in the life of a sound listenerAlistair Hill, On Device Research, UK, Nadines Guhlich, SoundCloud, Germany

  • SoundCloud is for discovering and sharing music
  • people post 12 hours of music every minute, 200 million people every month in 209 countries
  • big data is velocity, volume, and variety – real time vs periodic, megabyte vs petabytes, unstructured vs table
  • want to understand the time spent on listening, explore dimensions of motivation, understand impact in consumers everyday lives
  • matched users to SoundCloud profiles, had them check in anytime they listened to music and asked them a few question – was it live or recorded, was it audio or video
  • 1 in 4 enaged listeners are also creators
  • most listening happened via mobile by themselves
  • when not listening to music, prefer sports and socializing in their offline lives
  • Cyra Morgan is a musician who was part of the research – go find her, make her famous 🙂
  • Huge case study on Cyra – followers, sounds, sets, likes, comments, what she played, composed, when genre, her demographics, online habits, diary
  • Cyra through our eyes – user, community, creator, audience – she wants an audience in the SoundCloud community
  • the average day in a listener’s life.. peak 3-5hour listening sessions in morning around 10am at work, listen to music on TV with family and friends

Let’s Face the Music…and Dance: Music’s lessons for research in the big data ageOliver Nelken, Mornington Media, UK, Will Goodhand, TNS, UK

  • video only

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