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Turning Farmers into Miners: Collaborating to enrich behavioural big data sets with perception surveys by Patricio Pagani, Infotools, New Zealand and Reed Cundiff, Microsoft, USA

  • Perception data is attitudes, understanding why but has high cost, and low precision
  • Behavioural data has precision, better costing but problems with storing and control
  • reluctant innovators – need to understand size of market, microsofts position in that market, understand server based to cloud based, and why people choose or don’t choose microsoft
  • they spent 9 months sourcing data – engineering team, external partners looking for data that was a byproduct of the work they were doing; required creativity and patience
  • 7 of 9 datasources were useless, but the 2 they found were massively valuable
  • allowed them to completely reshape a questionaire to match the behavioural data better
  • most companies have some form of passive data available to them
  • avoid compromising business objectives to fit the dataP1090944 P1090947
  • document a lot so you can answer difficult questions down the line
  • be aware of privacy concerns, particularly with big data
  • have precise metrics and business rules prepared up front, organization enables you to move more quickly through the analysis phase
  • people say that microsoft is their preferred provider but their behaviour doesn’t always say that
  • longitudinal analysis was previously just date driven but now it is event driven – when a new tech enters the data center, that is day zero and line up companies side by side to look at differences
  • behavioural data let them see things they didn’t understand and ask them why – why did they do X on this day?
  • a nugget of gold isn’t a finely crafted jewel – visualization is sometimes required
  • recognize visualization is an art so don’t be afraid to ask for help
  • market your work well but we aware of the strengths and weaknesses

From Research Management to Knowledge Management to Learning Planning by Haiko van Lengen, Market Logic Software, Germany, Philip De Wulf, Psilogy, Belgium, Sjoerd Koornstra, Heineken International, Netherlands

  • the ability to learn faster than your competitors is the only sustainable advantageP1090950
  • how do you find out what you don’t know what you don’t know – knowledge management
  • how do you make market research fit into business planning, and not after the fact
  • we don’t have time for learning planning because we don’t have time for it, we don’t make time for it, we document the past but we don’t systematically plan the future
  • there may be no centralized repository for all the data and knowledge that we already have
  • research management saves time and allows for better research by using standardized practices among suppliers

Organizational Research Reinvigoration: How a top-five media company reoriented itself around human insights by Christian Kugel, AOL, USA, Cortney Henseler, AOL, USA

  • seat at the table problem, MR doesn’t have the same access to decisionsP1090953
  • used to have two teams, a market research team and a sales research team, both with recruitment and retention problems
  • now combined into consumer analytics and research
  • broader focus for team of 60 people and they could be taken more seriously in larger company
  • needed new employee value proposition, needed to create career path with hybrid skills
  • have one contact at each company and let them do the running around among their sister companies to get one quote with all the components in one proposal
  • research brief is two pages and includes collaboration with research vendor and stakeholders to agree and sign off on it
  • [I’d like to hear about the research studies they mentioned not just that they did them. darn it]
  • AOL has a brand tracker, a panel, consumer qual every other month
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