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 Peace by Piece: The hurdles to global peaceIjaz Shafi Gilani, WIN/Gallup International Association, Pakistan, Jean-Marc Leger, WIN/Gallup International Association, Canada

  • does war or peace bring more business opportunities?
  • istanbul has been at the middle of the world, north south, east west, and has seen all disruptions – environment, political,financial, food and waterP1090984
  • do people think these events will be better or worse in the next few years? view are pessimistic – at least 40% of people said these things will become worse
  • which is the most urgent or critical? terrorism is the number 1 problems, followed closely by global warming and food shortages, then by civil wars and financial crises
  • who will lead us out of these crises? about 50% of people said they have no clue
  • obama has the most trust and putin as the least in the US- but it’s very regional
  • in some countries the same person is the most and the least trusted person, highly divided populace
  • issues are more and more global, there is a crisis of global leadership, political leadership is not providing the answers
  • humans are their own threat

My Mum’s Throne Room: The technology that defines modernity in a developing worldDave McCaughan, McCann WorldGroup, Japan

  • what is the most important piece of technology ever? cappuccino machine? no. toilet 🙂
  • there have been many adaptions and renewals but very little true innovation
  • the toilet has saved more lives than any other invention – it’s basic sanitationP1090992
  • november 19 is world toilet day. really.
  • matt damon is on strike. will not use toilet until everyone has sanitation [it’s a joke people]
  • why don’t developing countries use women more? lack of toilets is the number one reason women don’t go to school – lack of toilets at school, or after school [this is terribl!]
  • we are all worried about where we will go to the bathroom – what will the toilets in a new country look like? will the new toilet flush?
  • we just people by their toilets – does it have rings or skid marks? smells? if it’s not a clean room, these people are a problem
  • as you get older, you are more and more likely to memorize where every toilet is when you go to shopping etc
  • there are many books about toilets – captain underpants!
  • Thomas Crapper is a real person, a real innovator who created the closet toilet, he was suggested for knighthood but it was declined
  • many bars and restaurants “design” their toilets – paintings, sculptures
  • asked women in Bangkok to take photos of the things they would miss most if everything in your home were to disappear tonight – everyone took a photo of their children, no one took a photo of the husband. They felt the home was their heart but the husband was just the guy who paid for stuff. Most of the women had a TV, some had microwaves or ovens.
  • What do you take most pride in? Every single woman who had a “western style toilet” was most proud of it. It’s the true symbol of being a modern family. The key feature was being connected to the toilet system. Everyone has electrical but not everyone can be connected to middle class life. A flushing toilet was aspirational. Same answers in a number of other asian cities.
  • [once again, we have no idea just how lucky we are]
  • These people didn’t want the old system – drains, open toilets, pits
  • In his own life, his throne room illustrated the aspiration life, what was really important. and it wasn’t the TV. The toilet made the difference. His parents went through the period where not everyone had a toilet.
  • social media is more than twitter and youtube. The toilet is a social medium.
  • The filthiest room in any house is the kitchen. The cleanest room is the bathroom. 5X more bleach is used in the bathroom than anywhere else. If you’re going to eat off the floor anywhere, eat off the bathroom floor.
  • SARS changes behaviours. People thought the toilet system was the problem. People tripled their use of cleaning products in the bathroom and this continued after SARS, even though it decreased back to normal everywhere else in the home.
  • the average cell phone has more germs than a toilet.
  • People think japan is the healthiest country. we think they only eat healthy, that they are very zen like, calm and peaceful. But, they are anti-religious and not particularly calm. And then comes the TOTO toilet with all its electronic functions.
  • there is a toilet museum in korea
  • toilets make you more social by making you smell less
  • toilets used to be a social medium…10 or 20 holes side by side, you were encouraged to sit there and converse with the other people, this was the number 1 means of socialization
  • social media is sharing of ideas and information, maybe to check out popularity
  • it’s the precursor of twitter and pinterest
  • toilets are where we feel comfortable, relaxed
  • 38% of teens admit using their mobile phone on the toilet



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