Touring and Tasting Istanbul in 12 Minutes #ESOCong #MRX

… Live blogging from the 2013 ESOMAR Congress in Istanbul Turkey. Any errors are my own, any comments or terrible jokes in [] are my own…

esomarCongressAfter today’s ESOMAR presentation rehearsal with Melanie Courtright finished, we headed out on the fastest possible tour of the historic area. The pics you see here show a couple of Mosques, the baklava we had with dinner, the Turkish Delight and Baklava I plan to bring home, and some lovely shops and markets selling food, clothing and tasty tasty olives which did not last very long. You can also see the batch of chocolate bars that I picked up today. I do believe Turkey is in the running for the country offering me the most chocolate bars I have never seen before!


Stay tuned! Tomorrow I’ll be live blogging a number of my favorite sessions.
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