SoLoMo in the Colombian Shopper Experience by Pablo Sanchez Kohnt #ACEI_CO #InvestigAction2013 #MRX

… Live blogging from Bogoto, Colombia, any errors are my own, anything written in [ ] are my own thoughts …

ACEI Bogoto Colombia

  • [Dear Canadians and Americans, it’s spelled colOmbia not colUmbia  🙂  ]
  • About 20 people in the room have bought a smartphone in the last 6 months but none of them for the first time
  • 8 in 10 Colombians use the internet
  • 5 to 7 hours online on a daily basis, which is above the global average, most common is Facebook
  • Mobile users use about 5 social media services while fixed users used about 3 social media services, though facebook is the same for both types
  • WhatsApp is more common on the mobile device but then it is designed for mobile
  • Mobile users connect from more than 3 places where fixed users only connect from 2 places, mobile is 3X more often during shopping, 14X more during transit, and 20X more from restaurants
  • “not having your phone is like not brushing your teeth”
  • mobile users connect to about 5 categories of brands, fixed users about 4 categories of brands
  • people who have smartphones bond with commercial spaces – airlines, fast food
  • 49% of mobile users have bought something online, 36% of fixed users have bought something online, most often tickets to events
  • [love how the translator also translates the speaker talking to himself 🙂  ]
  • 35% of mobile users search online to learn about a shopping mall, but only 11% of fixed users, same for comparing prices
  • People often do a check-in without knowing that they’re doing a checking, facebook does it without really telling you [so turn off your geo location if you don’t want them to do it, it’s just a wise thing to do anyways]
  • You can talk to your friends and family because you like to not because you’re receiving a financial incentive, social networks need to be like this to
  • ZMOT by Google – very relevant to mobile users
  • People will see a product in a store, and then go home and research the product online [that whole purchase funnel thing really should be called the purchase spaghetti]
  • amazon has price check for iPhone, you can see whether amazon is giving you the best price,
  • “happy shop” lets you earn points by checking into stores, this is in Latin America
  • create a heat map of where people shop in a store or in a mall, and do it real time. doesn’t require any checkins but does require your phone geo to be on
  • use a QR code for continuous feedback information on a product
  • our devices can detect whether you using a small screen of a phone, a medium screen of a tablet, or a large screen of a computer, this is better for creating surveys
  • also good to use is clickstream or navigation collection though this has a lot of privacy concerns, ios doesn’t allow this so we have to work around it
  • has our behaviour been modified because of these tools? yes, a little.

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