You will find a relationship if you join

Feeling a little lonely? Want to be in a relationship? Then join because you are 3X more likely to find a relationship if you do. Because, clearly, they are a much better program than any other dating program out there. Click on the image to watch their commercial and see for yourself.

But just hearing that “3X more” phrase makes me think:


  • Does their system have three times as many people signed up?
  • Are they comparing themselves to people who are using a crappy dating service?
  • Are they comparing themselves to people who aren’t using a dating service at all?
  • Have they considered that people who sign up for a service are more serious about finding a relationship?

The ad implies a causal link but there are so many correlational links that all I can do is completely discount the commercial.

I’m a big fan of dating services but not if they’re going to mess with statistics.  Just as nobody puts baby in a corner, NOBODY messes with statistics.

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