Hot weather causes drownings #MRX

English: A young girl taking a break in a swim...

It’s true. I read it in today’s newspaper. The article clearly stated that people are more likely to drown on hot days. Which obviously means that:

  1. People forget how to swim on hot days
  2. It’s more difficult to swim on hot days
  3. It’s harder to hold your breath on hot days
  4. People are less buoyant on hot days
  5. No one drowns on cold days

Of course, the article did fail to mention a few things. That people go in the water more often on hot days. That more people go in the water on hot days. Perhaps even that people are less likely to wear life jackets on hot days because “i’m just going in for a second.”

The media is fabulous at taking correlational relationships and presenting them as causation. Don’t be fooled. And wear a life jacket.

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