New Era of Engaging Qual by Steve August, Revelation #MRA_National #MRX

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The New Era of Engaging Qual in the Mobile-Social Era

Steve August, Founder, CEO, Revelation


  • Mobile has surpassed the desktop, primary way of interacting with the internet, Crossed the line in 2013
  • Forrester says 84% of people with smartphones are within 3 meters of their phone all day
  • Use a phone 150 times per day
  • In third world countries, they’re skipping the landline and going right to wireless because of infrastructure issues
  • 80% of time spend on devices is on apps, 20% on browsers
  • Pinterest, instagram, phenomenal growth around visual and interacting socially
  • People expect things to work on the desktop and on the mobile, across all devices, we don’t expect it to be the same but it needs to feel like you’re in the same space
  • Create a system that looks like popular sites, like pinterest or instagram; make sure it is easy with minimal learning curve
  • Activity design is key, technology gives us the opportunity, it isn’t the research layer, the research equation is still important
  • On Location Ground Truth – nothing better than mobile, shop alongs, bathroom routines, cars/trains/buses, airports/offices
  • choose activities that use mobile to its best – trend hunting, diary/journal, retail adventure, inventory, process, out of box experience
  • Photos – efficient, people know how to do it, fast to analyze but there is no audio
  • Video – efficient, great material for presentations, but it’s time consuming, and they’re hard to watch because of bouncy movement
  • Be spontaneous – phones are lightweight, can pull them out at anytime
  • capture behaviours, don’t disrupt them – don’t make them answer ten questions while they’re trying be spontaneous, do probes later on, put them on the web later
  • When NOT to use mobile? When you need deeper engagement. letter writing isn’t great for the phone, full keyboards let you be more expressive
  • Help Mabel is a good way to have participants teach you how to do things, a full size keyboard is the way to do this
  • Posting 20 pictures at once is better on a real computer not a mobile phone
  • Latina hair care case study – rapidly growing market, haircare is numer 2 top hispanic product category after dried vegetables
  • Day 1 – product retail adventure, in store moment, people talked about choosing fragances, why they bought 5 bottles
  • Day 2 – 5 senses, if your hair could talk, beauty award, bad hair is like XXX, good hair is like YYY, people pretend to be their own hair and transfer their opinions to their hair, people really get into “being their hair” [steve is acting like ‘cool’ hair now 🙂 ], choose 5 pictures that mean good hair and bad hair
  • Day 3 – Co-creation – design your dream product
  • Some of it was mobile, some web, but the audience had a lot of people who were more mobile than desktop
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