The Bakery Review: Doughtnut Vault

Urban legend says there is a doughnut shop in Chicago that used to be a bank vault. And that legend is true. After presenting at an AMA MRA social media research event, I managed to slip in a trip before my flight back home. Legend said there was no telling when the doughnuts would run out and the shop would close so I was there bright and early the next morning just after the shop opened. I was 15th in line. Apparently, at least 15 other people needed to buy a doughnut from a bank vault!

This shop is just about a hole in the wall. There is a large sign on the wall beside the front door, a sign that is the menu and pricing board all in one. Three kinds of doughnuts at $3 or $2 each.  When I finally made my way to the front of the line, I ordered 4 doughnuts and here are the reviews.


The Happy Birthday doughnut is a plain cake doughnut glazed and covered in sprinkles. The appearance is not up to snuff when it comes to a Tim Horton’s equivalent and the taste is about the same. No big win here other than being able to say I got it at the doughnut vault.P1080142small

The gingerbread stack came highly recommended by a facebook friend and it did not disappoint. This particular doughnut is sold as three doughnuts. They are a very light cake that is delightfully crispy on one side and soft on the other. I should have remembered to save one for my dear one at home but my stomach had something else in mind. I’ll just have to say snooze you lose. P1080144small

The old-fashioned is a really nice heavy, glazed cake doughnut. Quite good but on par with other equivalents.


Lastly, I bought a chestnut doughnut which is a gigantic, double sized yeast glazed doughnut. It too tasted the same as equivalents but was fun to eat just because of the size. P1080145small

For these four doughnuts (actually six if you consider that the gingerbread stack is actually three doughnuts), I spent $10. Given that doughnuts are around 70 cents each, this is far more than I’d normally pay.  But, as a one time deal, to say I went to the doughnut vault, $10 bucks was fine. I’d buy the gingerbread stack in a heartbeat but Timmies will make me happy for the rest.


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