The new meaning of Above The Fold

In the good old days, above the fold meant making sure people didn’t have to scroll down your website to see the important stuff. Don’t put your brand name down there, don’t put your “buy now” button down there, don’t put the “next page” button down there.
But have you ever thought about above the fold when you’re writing an email? Consider this. Do you open every email to full screen size? I doubt it. Do you open every email? I doubt it.
I live for the preview screen in outlook. If I don’t see something appealing in the subject line or the first line of text in the preview, I just keep moving on.
When it comes to email on my computer, above the fold means one single solitary line of text. Use it wisely. Don’t put your logo there. Don’t put cute graphics there. Put real content words there.
Now think about how you use email on your phone. You definitely don’t open every message and you definitely don’t scroll through every message. So why would you think that everyone else will?
I have a simple message.
Put the good stuff first. Keep it short. Keep it simple. Maybe then I’ll read it.

Written on the go


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  1. LOL I got an email from the American Marketing Association (AMA) today and was thinking how ironic that they have a really bad email design. The olog image is so big and at the top that I see no content in the preview pane.

    1. I forgot to send my post to them first 🙂

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