I don’t do favours

My apologies if you ever ask me for a favour because I won’t do it. You see, of all the contexts in which favours are normally asked, they just don’t make sense to do. Let’s start in the workplace. When a colleague asks you for a favour, it’s not really a favour. It’s your job. Even if the supposed favour is outside your job description, your job is providing services to your company. Which means a favour is really just your job. And what about when a friend asks for a favour. Is that really a favour? I’d have to say no again. A favour for a friend is just a nice thing you do for a friend. They don’t need to ask for a favour. They just need to ask. Then what about when a stranger asks for a favour? Well, when you do a favour for a stranger, you don’t expect anything in return. They won’t pay you back with another favour. They won’t pay you back in cash either. It’s not really a favour. It’s just a good deed, a random act of kindness, something we need a lot more of in our daily lives. So don’t ask me for a favour. I’m happy to simple do a good deed.

Written on the go

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