Esomar Best of Bulgaria: Brought to you by BAMOR #MRX

Just a few days ago, I was lucky enough to travel to Bulgaria to speak at this year’s Esomar Best Of Bulgaria event. My hosts…

Stoyan Mihaylov, BAMOR Chairman, Junction Bulgaria
Elena Onbright, ESOMAR Representative for Bulgaria, MAP Marketing Research
Rakina Kaneva, MAP Marketing Research

… were so kind as to treat me to genuine Bulgarian cuisine, Bulgarian chocolates, an amazing UNESCO heritage church, and great conversation.

P1070832 P1070848 P1070903

But let’s get to the main course.

I spoke first, covering some of the essentials of social media research including how sampling, weighting, norms, and box scores work when using social media data. I also covered ten basic uses of social media research. Fun stuff!

P1070835 P1070836 P1070837 P1070838

And second to speak was Rijn Vogelaar from Blauw Research in the Netherlands.

Rijn talked about a research program he conducted for Philips that helped them create a support plan for their superpromoters in India. Superpromoters are clients who share their enthusiasm about particular products, brands and companies and influence other people by doing so. You can read about his theory in his book called  “The Superpromoter, on the power of enthusiasm”. You can get a good idea of how one company treated their superpromoters in this YouTube video which famously tricked a bunch of sports superfans into attending a classical music and poetry event on the night of a big game. Enjoy!


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