Shorter isn’t always better: Inna Burdein #CASRO #MRX

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Shorter Isn’t Always Better by Inna Burdein, Director of Panel Analytics, The NPD Group, Inc.

  • Consider actual length – a 20 minute survey might feel like 40 minutes and vice versa
  • Consider that some people can handle a 40 minute survey and others cannot
  • Compared cognitive easy vs difficult surveys on same topic
  • Completion rate declined with more questions and more difficult surveys
  • Difficulty causes abandonment more than length does
  • Shorter difficult was less well received than longer easy
  • More straightlining in difficult surveys
  • Difficult surveys were perceived to be longer surveys
  • Shorter surveys are seen as longer and longer surveys are seen as shorter
  • Perceived time is linked with satisfaction [makes me think of cognitive dissonance]
  • People who display fraudulent behavior feel that surveys are longer than they really are
  • More questions = more straightlining
  • No matter how long, difficult surveys cause more problems
  • Had little effect on completion of the next survey invite except for brand new panelists – they needed a really short survey no matter what [this to me is an important learning]
  • Good experienced panelists are introverted, more laid back, more conventional, high need for cognition, and they like surveys
  • Best thing to do with any survey is make it more simple [Hail mary!]
  • Grids with more than 20% straightlining need to be cut
  • [Way too many details, way too quickly, you’ll have to read the paper]
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