Mobile and CAWI Parallel: Frank Kelly and Sherri Stevens #CASRO #MRX

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Bite-Sized Chunks’—Mobile and CAWI Parallel Proposal by Frank Kelly, Global Director, Lightspeed Research  and  Sherri Stevens, Director, Millward Brown

  • Why modular designs for surveys? Long surveys have lower response rates, younger people don’t want to answer longer surveys, they’re platform agnostic
  • 65% of smartphone users would not want to spend more than 15 minutes completing surveys – even worse for people using smartphones vs computers and tablets
  • 80% of mobile responders say the experience is very easy and 34% are likely to take another survey. They did say that typing was the most difficult so consider the difficulties of diaries
  • Results are generally similar across platforms given the survey is mobile friendly and quotas are handled carefully
  • Chunk within respondents by giving a respondent several very short surveys. Or, chunk across respondents by giving each person only one of the segments and then put it all together afterwards.
  • Basic principles
    • Use specific questions or hooks to use across all cells to be able to fuse modules on the backend, not just awaress and intent
    • Determine what does and doesn’t need to be fused
    • Create a control cell for piloting
  • Without common questions, correlation matrices are insufficiently populated
  • In their research, the same four factors were extracted except they were in a different order
  • Continuous data seems to work better than categorical scale data
  • Less mentions of surveys being repetitive, liked the length more
  • Dropouts increase but it is relatively small 2% to 7% so be sure you can still use the partial data
  • Try to randomize modules but hold the core module in the first position
  • Fatigue effects can be reduced
  • Potential for fieldwork cost savings
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