Cyborgs vs Monsters in modularizing surveys: Edward Paul Johnson and Lynn Siluk #CASRO #MRX

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Cyborgs vs. Monsters: Assembling Modular Surveys to Create Complete Datasets”

By Edward Paul Johnson, Director of Analytics, SSI and Lynn Siluk, Vice President, Marketing Sciences, Gongos Research

  • Cyborgs are like data imputation – estimates how a repsondent might have replied based on their characteristics
  • Monsters are like respondent matching – two respondents who have similar characteristics are turns into one complete respondent
  • Abandon rates on the mobile test cells was very high because of technical difficulties
  • Modular surveys had very slighter higher data quality, 4% vs 8% data quality issues
  • 72% of respondents were willing to take all the modules, 19% did two modules, 9% did only 1 of the modules
  • Same results came out of each method of surveying, agreed in 80% of the cases
  • One difference is the segment sizes were different because there were different numbers of people completing the different modules
  • Modules increase the relationship between the questions and thereby reduces the strength of the correlations [e.g., think about answering two questions immediately after each other vs today and then next week, you won’t answer them the same way]
  • We need to allow respondents to choose the mode they want to take the survey on
  • Within respondent modularization is key to reducing holes in the data
  • Advanced analytics are feasible
  • Both fusion techniques work with unique advantages
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