Perfecting Social Media Segmentation: Margie Strickland #CASRO #MRX

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Perfecting Over-Done Social Media Segmentation

By Margie Strickland, Vice President, Measurement Science, Symphony Advanced Media

  • Is advertising more effective if you target social media influencers
  • There is no standard on what influence is though, are they influences in only one place, do they consumer other media the same as other people
  • People installed an app that listened to the surroundings for 20 seconds every minute to match up what TV you were watching
  • The talker is the influencer but the listener should not be overlooked as they may be sleeping giants. This app is helpful for listening to the listeners
  • Evaluate reach, how often you post, reactions to those posts
  • Social movers have lots of comments, not a lot of messages but those gets lots of comments; fewest people are here; TV viewing behaviour was different; share brand posts frequently, share friends posts; clearly different from the other three groups [would have like to know HOW they are different in terms of what they watch on TV – sport shows? reality shows? news shows?]
  • Actively liked have lots of likes and lots of messages and lots of conversations; most people are here
  • Reservers have lots of friends; third largest group
  • Listeners are low on everything, just lurking, look at friends photos; second largest group
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