DIY Panel: Gardlen, Ribeiro, Smith, Terhandian, Thomas #CASRO #MRX

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Do It Yourself (DIY) Research Panel Discussion

  •  John Bremer, session moderator
  • Bob Fawson, session moderator
  • Phillip Garland, Vice President, Methodology, SurveyMonkey
  • Efrain Ribeiro, Chief Research Officer, Lightspeed Research
  • Ryan Smith, Co-founder and CEO, Qualtrics
  • George Terhanian, N. A. President and Group Chief Strategy Officer, Toluna
  • Randall Thomas, Vice President – Online Research Methods, GfK

Speaker thoughts

  • DIY is a source for innovation
  • Think about DIY checkout lines vs DIY research. There are risks with it but the experts are still available is need be
  • Data is data but DIY doesn’t solve the insight and analysis. You still need the researcher for that.
  • You can get numbers out of a machine but do the numbers have any meaning
  • Concern with DIY is are people writing good surveys, are they using samples properly, are they weight appropriately, are they analyzing data appropriately. DIY and Do-It-Alone are different. You always need the expertise around you.
  • Current clients of DIY include people who didn’t have access to research before as well as many of the major research companies
  • DIY can often get work done much more quickly
  • When to use DIY – when you don’t want to do the work yourself, when you need results extremely quickly, when it’s not a major/serious issue, when you don’t have the staff for it, goor for an organization, good when you have standardized tools
  • DIY is simply part of the assembly line
  • The researcher of tomorrow will be comfortable with DIY tools
  • When is DIY NOT appropriate – [folks didn’t answer this audience question 🙂  how about DIY shouldn’t be used for census rep weekly/monthly tracking over 12 months. it’s far too complicated to just throw in a tool.]

2 responses

  1. I have to say I didn’t find this panel discussion was much more that a hardcore sales pitch from Qualtrics and to a lesser extent Survey Monkey. My take aways were:

    If you are not using them you are losing out and not a smart person

    They ARE looking to put research companies out of business… But that us OK because they are not getting rid of jobs, we can all go work for the corporations that buy their platforms.

    Hybrid DIY is a big opportunity… Doesn’t that remove the DIY and make them just any other survey platform

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