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Combining Mobile, Social & Survey Research to Obtain Unparalleled Insight”

By Carol Haney, Vice President Product Marketing, Toluna

  • Smartphone penetration is 52% in US among mobile phone owners
  • 61% of smart phones users use them to help make purchase decisions while shopping and over 80% have changed their mind about a product because of it
  • 10% of all multi-mode research is completed by mobile
  • 18% of 18 to 24 year olds use mobile devices on multi-mode surveys, even the 15 minute surveys and for those not optimized for mobile devices
  • 80% of users interact with facebook on their mobile device
  • Beer consumption has declined since 2009, mostly because of decreased sales of light beer
  • Some stores are blocking cell phone service in their stores so people can’t access their phones [What the!??!?]
  • Segmentation: 64% are committed to a brand, 13% are experimenters, 13% are deciding on a brand
  • Survey says Millennials are the first to grow up with computers in their home, 75% have a social network profile and send one or more text messages every day
  • 53% of panelists agreed to collecting data from their social network, saw each type of data that they pulled
  • Pulled all things like friend count, comment/post ratio, happy birthdays, event rsvp, word usage, posts in newsfeed
  • Added this data to their structured survey data
  • 12 variables segmented the undecided based on a survey question  “1: Nice women don’t drink beer,” “2: Living on the wild side,” “3: moms at home relaxing”
  • Segment 1: Win is good for me, taste is important, lots of happy birthdays, medium posting behaviour, don’t discuss brands
  • Segment 2: Social drinking, taste is somewhat important, medium posting behaviour [find more results in her paper]
  • Story almost always sells the research to the client – social media is a great way to get the story
  • All done without have to go to focus groups or IDI
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