Bringing Colour into our Digital Lives: Piet Hein van Dam #CASRO #MRX

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Bringing Colour Into Our Digital Lives”

By Piet Hein van Dam, CEO, Wakoopal Pascal van Hattum, The SmartAgent Company

  • Promises a world without questions – what are people doing online on all their devices
  • Apple’s black friday email campaign in the netherlands was not effective – reach rose from 25% to 45% but new visitors left the homepage immediately
  • Segment Red: Innovative people: Internet is part of their life, they need water and wifi, they need self-expression
  • Segment Blue: Manifestation people: Show off, extrinsic motivation, status
  • Segment Yellow: Balanced people: Family, social, sharing, kids
  • Segment Green: Traditional people: Security, belonging, heritage, gated communities
  • Generally, the four groups are about the same
  • Red is innovators, extraverts, ego
  • Yellow is late majority, group, extraverts
  • Green is laggards, introverts
  • Blue is early innovators, ego, introverts [really nice segmentation, read the paper]
  • [They have a 5 question scale to determine which segment you are]
  • So, green people hated the the campaign
  • Hyves is the Netherlands version of Facebook, Hyves is very green and not very Red. Hyves is not doing well at all.
  • Facebook is very yellow but with a lot of green
  • LinkedIn is very blue
  • You must match campaigns to the “colour” of the website
  • You can target two colours in an ad
  • Adults 20 to 45 is not a target group, it’s a family reunion

One response

  1. This is not dissimilar to existing values segmentations, here is one example:

    2 axes, traditional to conservative (green > yellow > red). What they might have missed with the blue is the north-south axis of group to individual, blue can likely be broken up into those who are group conscious (show off to demonstrate group belonging – exhibitionist streak) vs. individual (I am the best, status).

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