ABCs of the Olympic Games: Melanie Courtright, Prince De #Netgain7 #MRX

Netgain 7 MRIA
… Live blogging from downtown Toronto…

DataMining and Integration

Melanie Courtright, ResearchNow  and Prince De, Conversition

Digital Remix: A well-rounded global story about consumer behaviour and the ‘Digital Olympics’

  • Online surveys plus social media listening plus web behavioural data plus mobile survey
  • Survey data gave us answers to what they knew they wanted information about
  • Listening and web-behavioural methods gave us answers to questions we didn’t know we had
  • Findings from one data set led them to look for similar kinds of information in other datasets
  • You can’t change the question set of a survey everyday, if you forgot to ask a question you’re out of luck. But it’s not the same for listening and mobile.
  • Mobile sample skewed slightly younger which is great because they are less likely to sign up for panels, BUT the end data provided the same results
  • Start with a question at all times and don’t get bogged down by everything that’s available
  • Social media data volumes matched exactly with the start and stop of the olympic games, similarly website hits of various athletics sites corresponded with the olympics
  • In the online space, people are more likely to simply talk about “apps” instead of naming them. But the name of the app was available in the behavioural data. [makes me think people don’t care WHAT app they use]
  • Nike had the highest sponsorship awareness even though they weren’t official sponsors. Discovered in surveys and confirmed in social media data.
  • Also didn’t anticipate tape-delay issues in time for the survey yet this was picked up in social media
  • One method answered questions and raised questions that were answered by the second or third method
  • Social media meant that they didn’t have to fill survey with cumbersome open ends

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  1. I couldn’t detect the sentiment for sure (sarcasm) but I think maybe Melanie made fun of the Canadian women’s soccer team? Would someone check that Texas girl’s purse for a gun! (just kidding(

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