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Surveys in a Snap!

Paul McDonald, Product Manager, Google Consumer Surveys

Practical applications of Big Data – How Google uses data
to make better products

  • They work with anonymized data, don’t want to learn everything about individual users
  • Passively collect data to create predictive models with probabilistic outcomes
  • 30 trillion web pages in their index, 1.2 trillion search queries per year, 400 million transactions per year through google wallet
  • information becomes insight when it’s placed in context
  • Start with a business purpose
  • Bayesian statistics work with initial probabilities and then adjust the probabilities based on new data
  • They use Bayesian big data statistics to predict demographics on Google surveys
  • Center of Disease Control data for the flu matches Google searches perfectly – can predict how intense the flu season is; indeed CDC uses this data to predict flu trends
  • 15% of search queries every day have never been seen before – they use distance between words, query history, frequency of words and phrases
  • Use bayesian stats to automatically code open ends in survey forms, e.g., finish off words or phrases

One response

  1. Okay so we just went from billions (Scott) to trillions (Paul). Maybe Paul can use Google to predict the gender of his baby! Can’t wait to see more case studies of Google Consumer Surveys in the months to come.

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