Small vs Big Data: Fabien Rolland, Michel Girard #Netgain7 #MRX

Netgain 7 MRIA
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Fabien Rolland, Director of Marketing Research, Aeroplan
Michel Girard, Director, Analytics at Aeroplan

Small vs. Big Data: Which one rules the boardroom?

  • Aeroplan has 5 million members, issue 1 reward every 14 seconds
  • Big data is volume, velocity, variety – petabytes, real time, multiple sources of structured and unstructured data
  • Customer data includes attitudes, touchpoints, demographics, transactions, lifestyle, share of wallet, neighbourhood data, model scores
  • Need to create self-serve access to the data for routine questions, to reduce pressure on analytics team
  • Need to centralize all the member touchpoints – online contact center, mobile, transactional
  • Don’t be reactive order takers, free up time to focus on business questions

  • Little data is getting better, faster, cheaper, better
  • Most of change is happening on the technology side, text analysis, reporting, event triggered, location based, web intercepts, mobile qr
  • Little data can answer most questions about most parts of a problem
  • Big data can be precise in measuring specific aspects but it often doesn’t understand broad problems
  • For aeroplan, they only know about transactions that use the card number, don’t measure competitive activity, can only measure webdata when members opt in
  • Sometimes big data is too big, sometimes you just need a simple tool like a survey
  • Big data can’t tell you what motivates a specific segment or how to improve your products
  • Little and big complement each other and are not substitutes

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  1. Nice model of integrated big data with traditional MR practice. Similar models presented today – ABCs (ResearchNow) as well as Who-What-How-Why (IBM). Good to see smart people all thinking along similar lines!

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