Mileage from your Dashboard: Adam Froman #Netgain7 #MRX

Netgain 7 MRIA
… Live blogging from downtown Toronto…

Dashboarding with Large Data

Adam Froman, CEO Delvinia and Asking Canadians (Share your Ikea monkey photo!)

Getting Mileage out of Your Dashboard

  • How do we listen to consumers when they have the choice of how to communication?
  • Experienced researchers need to lead us to avoid the crash that the young researchers would create
  • There is a huge opportunity for researchers if we just stand up and accept the job
  • People used to wonder why you would want to know the effect of a commercial immediately and not next quarter
  • Always look at things through the eyes of the consumer
  • Seek out data driven insights, use visual storytelling
  • User of a dashboard is an executive, the CEO – the dashboard needs to help them make better decisions
  • When clients can’t commit, see if your local university can you help you out
  • Wanted answers available within three clicks, narrow down to result in the data to the person who can deal with the issue
  • How to ensure a successful digital dashboard
    • Clearly define your user audience: data person, researcher, CEO
    • Gather and analyze existing data and reporting tools
    • Ensure user interface is a collaborative process
    • Don’t let technology lead, try before you buy
    • Realize that it’s just the beginning, same data different algorithms
  • Adopt an R&D mentality to stay ahead of the game

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  1. Probably one of the more compelling talks of the day. Makes a lot of sense to engage with your local university (or college!) to do this R&D. That’s what we’re doing but we would love to work with a supplier who wants to lead in the dance. We are most open to such partnerships.

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