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Business Social Analytics

Chris Gruber, IBM/Cognos Consumer Insights Solution Architect

From Social Insights to Business Advantage

  • Art plus science and then it’s iterative
  • Buying pattern used to be consecutive, one at a time, one after the otherNew model focuses more on generating loyalty, creating enjoyment, advocacy, and bonding
  • Buy is not the end
  • 90% of consumers trust peer recommendations
  • Social media improves traditional predictive analytics, adds to attitudinal data
  • Creating a running word cloud helps you see top words and phrases over time; use these to write a better survey and learn about what you don’t know
  • Influencer charts help you identify the websites that are generating the most traffic or emotion
  • Segmentation tells you that young folks will respond better to text messaging whereas moms would prefer emails

One response

  1. Interesting use of the Cognos-based BI to work with less structured data in addition to the more traditional quant.

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